I have a few site building scripts for sale that will make things easier for you to get your own website up and running quickly. You can buy any script listed through Paypal using the links provided or pay to me directly to my PP account or with Alertpay payments (except for the plug-in one). Just contact me at:  admin (at) webmastertechs (dot) com  to arrange payment and download.

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Please note that these do NOT come with resell rights on their own, but you CAN build as many sites as you want with them and sell those too for easy repeat income!

– Lyrics script with huge database of over 160,000 songs! ($6)

Trivia site script with daily facts database ($7.99)

Free Favicon Generator Script – Cool Favicons Maker ($4.99)

Viral Script – aka the “IHateYou” revenge idea that can be used for adult or mainstream sites to gain massive traffic! ($15)

Schedule Twitter Posts – Unique way to Tweet in advance! ($12.99)

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– Internet TV website builder with 100’s of channels! ($18 or download instantly through my store link below at a special discount!)

Description: Make money online with your very own internet TV website! Let’s face facts: Everyone is stressed these days and they want to be entertained. Entertainment sites are hugely popular now and VERY easy to monetize. Just put up some fun offers and you have a guarenteed money maker EVERY day!

This online internet tv website script is a snap to install and is easy to customize. You can have your site up and running in less than 10 minutes! No kidding!

Features include embedded player with world channels sorted by country on one side and by category on the other for ease of use. Plus, your site will have several pages for other entertainment sections, such as movies, music videos, documentaries, animation etc! It even includes a chat widget for an added sticky factor!

This can be set up on any regular hosting, as NONE of the content is hosted by you, so there are NO bandwidth worries. Shared hosting is fine. There are also no legalities to worry about, as all the channels are provided by online TV stations that offer their own streaming url to sites like these for free!

Simple to update as well! Just go to the admin interface and add the streaming tv url or click to delete a link, if you want to. Easy as that!
Monetized for Adsense. Just insert your ID in the config file and you’re good to go! You can, of course also add any other ad network you like, and some Clickbank entertaining products work very well with this type of site. Or use CPA for a quick $1 a day. Feel free to experiment!

This complete online tv website package includes all the script files, sql database with 100’s of sorted channels, customizable header, instructions and even a premade banner for advertising your new site!

At the special discounted price of only $14.99 (through the direct store purchase link), you’ll have your investment back and making a profit in no time! Demo can be viewed at my free world tv channels site . Hurry to cash in on the fun entertainment trend!

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