Welcome Newbie Webmasters!

This page was created to help some of you get started by offering free Godaddy gift cards that you can use towards many paid services, such as domain purchases and hosting, but at no charge to you!!

This way you can begin your online empire or build websites to make money online without it costing you a penny to start!

Simply sign up to this blog using the link in the sidebar (not the contest one…look for the one below that under the categories that says “egifts”) and then open the panel in that same widget to see a list of surveys. Each one is worth a specified amount of credits, so do as many as you want to and save up for whatever card you want from the list below.

Plus, you get 20 cr. just for signing up, so you’re already halfway there!

When you have accumulated the amount of credit points that you need, then simply click to “buy” the item you want in the list and it will be sent to you within 10 business days.

It’s that easy!

ItemItem price
Godaddy Gift Card ($5)
This is sent as an e-gift right to your email address and is redeemable towards items at godaddy.com such as domains, hosting and other online store purchases.
Godaddy Gift Card ($10)
E-gift card sent to your e-mail and valued at 10 dollars USD good for many items available on their site.
Godaddy Gift Card ($20)
Choose this one to receive a $20 USD Godaddy certificate emailed to you that can be used for almost anything they sell (some conditions apply, so check their website for exceptions)
SPECIAL DEAL! Internet TV Script
Build a complete entertainment website for free! Feature details can be found by visiting the "buy site scripts" tab at the top of this page - A $14.99 value now offered at the discounted rate of only 35 credits for the instant download!!

Tell your friends using your referral link that appears on this page once you are logged in and you’ll get 10% of whatever they earn too!!

Don’t forget to logout when you’re done your session!