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XoftSpySE Remove Spyware Review

Simply put, there’s a lot of crap online. You have to deal with viruses, spyware, malware, keyloggers, identity theft and a whole lot more. Thankfully, there are programs for your PC such as XoftSpySE (by Paretologic) to help guard you from all the harmful garbage thrown at you as you surf the net!

I had a problem myself that turned out to be the result of a keylogging scammer and it wreak havoc on my machine for days and I had to thoroughly clean the system. I ran various checks, including using XoftSpySE to remove spyware and keep me safe from malicious software and hijackers. It was easy to use and, most importantly, it worked, so I was able to get back to the business at hand.

9/10 Recommended! Download

WordPress Rewards Plugin

There is now a simple, but powerful, WordPress rewards plugin called WPrewards that can turn any blog into a money making reward site in just 10 minutes! It’s a useful plug-in for any webmaster who wants to add more interaction on their site, as well as earning income from their traffic.

You simply upload the WordPress Rewards Plugin and activate it, as you would any other, and then add descriptions of the items you are offering as a reward to your visitors for completing incentive surveys provided by CPAlead.

You can see how I’ve implemented it on this blog by visiting the free godaddy gift cards page here. With a little bit of creativity you can see how this can be used on ANY blog as an extra form of monetization (Don’t limit yourself! THINK BIG!!).

The WPrewards WordPress Rewards Plugin can be purchased using Paypal through the link below:

Get The WPrewards WordPress Rewards Plugin Here!

Note: All future updates are sent at no charge to buyers!

Earn Money Online With Cpalead


Cpalead is like a dream come true for any webmaster trying to earn money online. Their monetization gateway is easy to implement, yet the dashboard that controls everything is extremely informative, giving a tremendous array of options for breaking down geo stats, earnings, ctr and much more!

It’s easy to make money with your website content using the Cpalead blocker. Simply copy and paste the code given when you create and configure a new widget into the head tags of your site page containing what you want to block. When someone visits that page they will now be presented with a list of surveys and they only need to fill out one to unblock the content.

It’s a win/win situation because the surfer gets what they want for free, just by filling out the surveys, and you now get paid for providing that to them. Obviously though this only works for GOOD content that is worth filling out a survey to obtain, so I don’t advise putting it on just any site. However, if you offer any sort of downloadable goods, or anything like game downloads, ebooks, movies, TV shows, etc, then you’ll do very well!

Use this Webmastertechs link to earn money online with Cpalead and get INSTANT APPROVAL so you can start earning within the hour! Go for it!!

SEO Rank Monitor

Any serious webmaster should know the importance of keyword research as a major component to succeeding online. If you don’t know what search terms internet users are searching for then you aren’t going to get very far when trying to attract those users to your site. This is where the SEO rank monitor becomes your most valuable tool in the fight against your competition.

The site claims it’s “the best keyword position software on the net” and what it does is keep track of all your website keyword positions in the SERP with detailed performance stats. It takes care of every aspect what you need to know and monitor when dominating the SE’s for your keywords all in one very comprehensive guide.

It all starts by making sure you are using the right keywords to begin with and the stats analyzer will even tell you how many visitors you can expect from being in the number one position for any particular term. Once you are made aware of the most valuable keywords then you can optimize your site for those terms better.

You can also use this keyword ranking tracker to analyze the competition in your niche as well, which is extremely valuable information when working your way into the top 10 position. Never let your competitors beat you again!

Another useful part of this great tool is the ability to keep you informed about your site’s backlinks too, so you know where they are coming from. This also shows up in an easy to configure dashboard that shows your gains and losses in the SERP’s, keyword value, position and more! Simply sign up, choose your package plan and then just sign in anytime you want to analyze these valuable stats. It’s a very easy process to do!

All this is available for much cheaper than similar services of this nature, with 2 plans to choose from including a basic package for 1 website and analysis of 100 keywords for $19 a month, or a more advanced pro plan for 100 domains/sites and 2500 keywords at $39/month. Plus there are a few discounts available (including a Twitter code) that can save you up to a whopping 50% off. Many other tools can set you back 100’s or even 1000’s of dollars for the same thing with even less functionality!

You can read all the details in point form at their feature tour page and see for yourself just how this online tool can help you succeed! There is even a 30 day FREE trial, so what do you have to lose when you have everything to gain? If you get stuck at any time there is technical customer support available to help you anytime 7 days a week!

So, what are you waiting for? I recommend taking it for a test drive to see what it can do for you right now! You will be well on your way to success…


Have Patience, Grasshopper

My quick tip of the day is simply to have patience, Grasshopper! My favorite show of the 70’s was Kung Fu starring David Carradine and his teacher used to call him “grasshopper” when he was growing up and learning the ways of the world.

Well, its the same with the ways of learning online as well. There will be a lot of trial and error and you WILL make mistakes along the way, but hopefully you will learn from those mistakes. Most of your success online will depend on time…time to develop your ideas, time for your sites to mature and age in the SE’s and time to develop trust among your website readers and followers.

It can take a few months before you start to have sales and over a year or more before you see any real signs of consistent earnings. However, that would be the same as any offline “bricks and mortar” business as well. It takes time to become established, no matter what you try to do.

Don’t give up!! Eventually you WILL succeed over time, if you just have patience, Grasshopper!! Have a great day!

Craigslist Scammers

ok, I started to get sick of all the scams online and I noticed someone at LR had started a “wall of shame” thread to list all the scumbags on the internet, so I decided to add that to my own community forum. But now I want to go further and make blogposts exposing each scam.

Today’s post is on Craigslist scammers and there are lots of them. I will start off with a few here with the title of their ad and the sellers email. [Read the rest of this entry…]


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