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Entries for November, 2006

AdSense Optimization

lockergnome asked: – How does Chris make a living? By creating content! And AdSense is a great way to monetize that content. Chris gives a community member some free AdSense optimizationtips

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How to paste adsense code in my google page?

deshpande.sudhir asked: Dear Friends, I have registered with Google Adsense program and also created webpage with the help of google page creator. However while executing the setup option of adsense, one code generated which I have to paste in my google page. I request you to please guide me where and how to paste the […]

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What is a css code that will make a color 40% transparent?

vistadude asked: I have a css code this is part of it. } .c5t_comment_form_table { width:100%; padding:5px; background-color:#000000; } how would I edit it so the background color is 40% transparent, i would of course like to be able to change the transparency if I need to.

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Besides AdSense, where are some good sites to get advertising for my blog?

D-A asked: I wanna put more advertising on my site than just adsense itself….are there any good affiliate sites out there?

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How do I ad adsense to yahoo sitebuilder?

bigkahunapromo asked: When I add the code I get a box with a scroll bar on my actual site. I have had the same problem with gif’s. I can see the ads, but it looks stupid with that box.

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How to configure video card to run CSS?

Soulja T asked: I have a Nvidia gforce 8300 gs graphics card and I am have many issues running Counter strike source. Everytime I seem to try and run the game, it goes to blue screen and says my graphics card is in an infinite loop. My computer has 130 gb of memory for further […]

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