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What web design program is most user friendly to someone who doesn\’t use html or other code?

melissa m asked: I need to design a website and I have little to no html or other code language knowledge. I’m trying to find a program that will allow me to input the information without having to know much. Any suggestions?

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How do I add a radio station html code to my website?

Bonnie asked: I have a message board forum and I can enter html codes so that something like a clock or a dictionary can show up on the main page. But how can I install a radio so that people can simply click on say radio one and listen to it live as they look […]

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How to load external html code to web page?

Ivory asked: I have many similar pages with the same heading, menu and footnote. If I want to make a change to one of these, do I have to make the change to every individual page or can I call an external file that includes html code, change it there and the changes will apply […]

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How could I ban somebody from my website using an html code?

Seth asked: I don’t want all that other crap like javascript or htaccess. Just a simple html code. Kinda like: If ip address entered the website, show_message(“You have been banned!”)

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Does anyone know the html code to put a picture on craigslist?

Jessica F asked: I am trying to sell my car and trying to add a photo as well but I forgot the html text needed to put in there.

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islam asked: Thousands of webmasters are making money with adsense all over the Internet. Are you one of them? If not, you need to know how you can become one of Google’s partners and have a share in that billion dollar company. To make money with Google adsense, you need three things: 1) A website […]

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