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Entries for the ‘CSS’ Category

using css to position a picture on my myspace?

Trevor Z asked: okay… how do i position a picture with css? what code do i use and how do i work it into an already exsisting code.

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Could someone please explain how rss and css work in a way that makes sense?

Phantom D asked: I’ve checked here and there, and I try to get feeds set up on websites, but I just can’t figure this crap out.

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What internet speed do I put when CSS asks?

Photomed asked: I just got Counter Strike Source, and it asked me what internet speed I have. I have U-verse internet, with 6mbps down, and 1 up. What is this? 256k? 56k? T1?

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How to use CSS: overflow in order to clip content from right or from left?

Ranimi23 r asked: If I use CSS on div element: overflow: hidden; I see the the content is being clipped from right, but what if I want it to be clipped from the left? Please advise.

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CSS Zombie Mod pt 2

KhmaiBodian559 asked: CSS zombie mod pt 2 DO NOT ASK FOR IP!!!THIS IS AN OLD VIDEO AND I FORGOT WHAT THE SERVER’S CALLED i am playing the zombie counter strike source game and is fun i play it every day !!!Please Subscribe to my Videos!!!

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CSS custom skins and ownage part 2

SGTsawedoff asked: Gore mod, Arms/gloves mod, and weapon skin mods. A sequel to my other movie. Enjoy

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