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7 Adsense Affiliate Tips: Avoid These Mistakes

Leroy Chan asked: People are bragging about how much money they are making from the Google AdSense affiliate program… But, you’ve been at it for awhile and you still haven’t seen a big commission check in the mail yet… With these seven AdSense affiliate tips, you can increase your AdSense income… Up until now, no […]

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How to get started with video units

AdSenseVideoUnits asked: Learn how to sign up for video units and create your first player. Video units are available to U.S.-based AdSense publishers with English designated as their language.

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Make Money With EVERY Visitor to Your Website Or Blog

newbieshub asked: Move over Adsense! PayPerPlay or PPP is the latest advertising revolution which allow publishers like you and me to share the huge profits of television and radio advertising. Works just like Adsense WITHOUT THE CLICKS! Watch this video to see how much you can earn.

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Finding new profitable markets using Niche Detector

vtiberius asked: See how powerful is the brainstorming feature in Niche Detector and how easy it is to find new niches for new products, affiliate marketing and adsense publishers.

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AdSense for search

InsideAdSense asked: AdSense for search is now powered by Custom Search, meaning publishers have more advanced customization options for their search results and ads. Options include keyword tuning, vertical search, and selecting the placement of ads on search results pages. For more information, visit .

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What\’s the Highest Paying CPC Program for Webmasters other than Adsense that allows incentives?

Conner H asked: I’m looking for a solid CPC program (for publishers) other than Google. Are there any programs out there that pay a good amount (higher than $0.10 per click) that allow the clicks to be incentivized? I would also be interested in them even if they cannot be incentivized. Thank you!

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