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Entries for August, 2008

I have google adsense and now i want to create my site?

Tom A asked: Does anyone have any good ideas for websites like a movie website or something like that. I want to design and host a site with really good content and will attract traffic.

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using css to position a picture on my myspace?

Trevor Z asked: okay… how do i position a picture with css? what code do i use and how do i work it into an already exsisting code.

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How do you change the google adsense ads to what you want?

StudyKid243 asked: Such as if my site is an art site how do I change my ads to be art – related?

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What is the best way to generate a mini money-making Adsense site?

alan213006 asked: What is the best way to generate a money-making mini Adsense site? I currently run the top true ghost stories site on the web, but am only making around $3-$5 per day – sadly not enough to be able to quit my hated job and become self employed! Have tried putting up another […]

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“AdSense is Stupid When.”

Kamau Austin asked: “AdSense is Stupid When…” There are times Google’s heralded ad affiliate program isn’t in your long term business interest. Oh no I said it! AdSense isn’t the unstoppable revenue engine for every eBusiness. Before I am taken out and flogged by the eCommerce pundits — please let me explain what I mean […]

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Could someone please explain how rss and css work in a way that makes sense?

Phantom D asked: I’ve checked here and there, and I try to get feeds set up on websites, but I just can’t figure this crap out.

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