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Sneaky Adsense Tactics To Earn Fat Cash With Blogger Part 1

ProfitlancerPaul asked: Easy to follow & understand tutorial to creating your own blog and profiting from the Google Adsense program for the beginner. Profit Lance is the way to go, if you really want to learn long term skills to generating income online.

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How do I get Google Adsense to post ads related to my site?

Eddy v asked: My blog,, is running adsense, but all of the ads are irrelevant to the subject, Arsenal Football Club. I know that google does have related ads, because on the BlogCatalog page for my site,, the ads are all about Arsenal. I’m not getting a good click-through rate because my ads […]

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How do I check how much I have made on adsense?

Monoi asked: I have a blog with Blogger. I have adsense and I want to check how much I have made so far.

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Google Adsense Overview

lakercoolman asked: Overview of Google Adsense Advertising program through google to make online revenue Notes- Page Impressions -Views Clicks Page CTR Click through rate In AdSense publisher reports, clickthrough rate (CTR) is the number of clicks an ad receives divided by the number of times the ad, ad unit, or page is shown, depending on […]

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How to earn money with Adsense and Word Press Blogs

jddavin asked: You have a blog, how do you make money with it using Google Adsense? Visit to learn more!

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Should i pay US tax on my google adsense earnings and file return?

Chida asked: I am a resident of India .I have a blog on which i would like to post google ads.Should i pay tax on that in US and file return for that in US.Should i get a tax id for that .Please clarify.I have no other activities other than this connected with US.

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