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Entries for May, 2008

Pocahontas – \”If I Never Knew You\”

greenmage128 asked: The song NOT included in the theatrical release of the film, “If I Never Knew You,” though put into the release of the 10th Anniversary Edition DVD. I love this song, and I am SO glad they put it back in. Makes the whole scene much more effective. Also, this is my first […]

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CS Real Life

ashjng asked: Its basically Counter-Strike portrayed in real life. Its a great video do watch it.

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How does HTML compression tools work on compressing HTML files? Are there any free software?

Shalini S asked: How does HTML compression tools work on compressing HTML files? Are there any free software that anyone can recommend? Thanks in advance for your help.

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Is it possible to keep my Flash banner loaded in CSS?

KONARTIST asked: I have a flash banner on top of the main page but when I click on other links such as news and work, the flash banner reloads and replays the flash video again. Is there a way to keep the banner playing? I cannot use frames. Is this possible using css or html? […]

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Barış Akarsu – Güllerin İçinden( Yalancı Yarim 15.Bölüm)

neslibek asked: “Güllerin içinden canım koşarak koşarak gel…”

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How do use html, when listing on ebay?

zippy asked: I have been told that you can use html, to list on ebay. This way you can add photos without getting charged for them? I wondered if anyone can tell me how to create a listing and add pictures without the charge. I have only ever used the standard listing and paid a […]

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