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Entries for December, 2006

Is it better to use Dreamweaver or to write code yourself using XHTML and CSS?

London Life asked: This is for static brochure website. I was thinking of turning off Dreamweaver’s code writing, and doing it myself, because of all the unnecessary code DW writes.

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Pablo Francisco In Iceland (his ROUTINE at that time)

madmaxwhatever asked: more stand-up comedy:

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Mystic Iran — Women dervish dance and trance

SirMixItAllUp asked: from filmmaker Aryana Farshad’s amazing film of spiritual rituals and visits to sacred locations in her native Iran– “Mystic Iran” (2002) 52 minutes. from 2004 interview with filmmaker: I wonder how you ever got the dervishes to consent to being filmed? There must have been some very memorable experiences that you had while […]

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Highlander : The Source Trailer

neodevilbane asked: Trailer for Highlander : The Source, premiering 9-15-07 on the Sci-Fi Channel. Duncan MacLeod, the Immortal Highlander, must take on the Guardian in a post-apocalyptic near future to unlock the secrets of the Source.

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Pro Billiards – 2003 US Open 9-Ball Champ: Hall v McCready

BClub asked: Help support BCn, by shopping online @ for all your pool and billiards needs. This is the first match of the 2003 U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship. The Rifleman Buddy Hall needs a steady hand against the shake, rattle and roll of the the Earthquake Keith McCready. Buddy displays his Hall of Fame […]

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How can I upload a CSS page to a yahoo geocities website? I want to completely build the page my self?

kelson127 asked: I want to build the page from scratch. Trying to teach myself how to be a web developer.

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