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Keylogger Detector Program

I was reminded last week about the importance of having a good keylogger detector program in place when I noticed some odd behavior on my computer. Turns out someone had installed a key logger on my comp in an attempt to steal my information. Luckily, I found a good detection prog to eliminate it, but […]

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XoftSpySE Remove Spyware Review

Simply put, there’s a lot of crap online. You have to deal with viruses, spyware, malware, keyloggers, identity theft and a whole lot more. Thankfully, there are programs for your PC such as XoftSpySE (by Paretologic) to help guard you from all the harmful garbage thrown at you as you surf the net! I had […]

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Extensions which you have not come across

There are many file extension which we find in the different software in our systems. Every file extension will play a vital role in their corresponding software. There are few more file extensions which makes the process of downloading is easy, some compresses the files, some offers the best security. One of such file extension […]

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Data Encryption Software

Call me paranoid, but I like to know that my computer data is kept safe on my hard drive. I work from home and I use my comp to store passwords, tax returns, business transactions and other sensitive information. I certainly need a reliable solution to encrypting that information. Would you leave your own receipts […]

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Password Protection

  Folder Lock can be downloaded from In the tech world there can be no doubt that security is an important issue. Many computer users have sensitive, private files that they don’t want to be seen or compromised by the malicious intent of someone else trying to gain access to those files. With the […]

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Restore Data From Corrupt Drive

There are many reason why a data drive can fail, from the physical to the virtual, and recovering lost data can be a real pain in the behind. Some times it’s gone forever and sometimes even when it’s partially restored it’s like in a half gone zombie state and not really useful anymore. The main […]

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