There is now a simple, but powerful, WordPress rewards plugin called WPrewards that can turn any blog into a money making reward site in just 10 minutes! It’s a useful plug-in for any webmaster who wants to add more interaction on their site, as well as earning income from their traffic.

You simply upload the WordPress Rewards Plugin and activate it, as you would any other, and then add descriptions of the items you are offering as a reward to your visitors for completing incentive surveys provided by CPAlead.

You can see how I’ve implemented it on this blog by visiting the free godaddy gift cards page here. With a little bit of creativity you can see how this can be used on ANY blog as an extra form of monetization (Don’t limit yourself! THINK BIG!!).

The WPrewards WordPress Rewards Plugin can be purchased using Paypal through the link below:

Get The WPrewards WordPress Rewards Plugin Here!

Note: All future updates are sent at no charge to buyers!