If you’re going to start an internet business or enter the “make money online” niche, then at some point you’re going to need paid hosting. Yes, there are free ones too, but I know from experience when I started out that search engines, like Google, do not really like those sorts of freebie hosted sites because they are viewed as unprofessional and not taken as seriously. So, I switched my sites to Hostgator and my websites literally started moving up in ranking overnight!

Besides that obvious benefit, it is also affordable and expandable, which is important for building your online “empire”. Earning a living on the net involves scaling and building your efforts so that you have several revenue streams. With Hostgator hosting you can choose the low cost “baby plan” and host unlimited domains to build as many sites as you want! Same with the bandwidth and space!

 I earn a full time living online and have never had the need to change hosts because they keep everything running smoothly for me. Whenever I have a question the support team always responds quickly within the hour and usually in only a few minutes. Awesome! 

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